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On November 5, 1993, over 500 people climbed the Snæfellsjökull glacier in Iceland. These people believed that aliens would land on the glacier. The evening gradually turned into night and people began to return home disappointed. The only one left was Örlygur. He decided to dedicate his life to the search for a new alien entity. However, the question remains whether they want to come to our planet or leave it. The performance opens up the topic of environmental issues and, above all, presents the topic of global warming from a completely new angle.


Directed and written by: Johana Bártová

Set design: Jakub Šulík

Music:Jakub Šulík & Emily Kennedy (CA)

Actors: Matěj Šumbera, Jakub Šulík

Food design: Pola Sutryk (PL)    

Performance length: 45 minutes

Recommended age: 11+

Premiere: 28 January 2019, DAMU, Prague

The performance was partly created during artistic residency on SÍM Residency in Iceland.

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Technical parameters


Pro samotné hraní je ideální plocha alespoň 5x5 metrů.
Vhodný je prostor s elevací.


Elektřina/ Světlo

4x Prodlužka

4x PAR 500 + klapky a stativy


Inscenace je ideální pro 40-50 diváků.

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