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The theater group was founded at the beginning of 2019. The founding members are Johana Bártová, Jakub Šulík and Matěj Šumbera.
The first performance was created with the support of KALD DAMU, as well as several other productions until 2023, when all members successfully finished their master's studies at KALD DAMU. In February 2023, production manager Alexandra Niedomanská joined the group.
The group focuses on puppet and object theater. It explores the experimental possibilities of this theater sector. Their primary goal is to explore and create a unique theater language that contains elements from other artistic fields such as film or PC games. They often invite other creators or specified experts from different spheres to collaborate on their work for cooperation or consultation.

In 2020 and 2022, the group was part of the program Nová krev na scéne.

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A brief history of the company


Mengi, Reykjavík, Iceland

Premiere of performance TakkTakk in.

Performance was prepared during ERASMUS+ internship.

11.9. 2021

4+4 days in motion, Prague

The premiere of the performance Medař.

The creation was supported by KALD DAMU.

The performance was part of the Nová síť project in 2022.


Alfred ve dvoře, Prague

The premiere of performance Behind the Doors.

Performance was supported by theatre Alfred ve dvoře in Prague.

The performance was part of the Nová síť project in 2022.


DAMU, Prague

We founded the ensemble on the occasion of the creation of our first performance: The Smallest of the Sami.

The creation was supported by KALD DAMU.

The production also became part of the project Nová krev na scéne; of the Nová síť production 

- won the 2nd place in the Erik prize of the 29. Přelet nad loutkářským hnízdem.


Alex Niedomanská:

+420 739 128 521​



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