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Joshi never had to go far from the village. His life was as happy as an old Nepalese man life can be. But then Joshi's sister fell ill. Now he has a difficult task ahead of him. Go to the top of the mountains and bring medicine for the sister. However, it is a dangerous journey from which he may not return alive.


Directed and written by: Johana Bártová

Set design: Jakub Šulík

Music: FRAS

Actors: Matěj Šumbera, Jakub Šulík


Performance length: 45 minutes

Recommended age: 11+

Premiere: 28 January 2019, DAMU, Prague

The production was created with the support of DAMU KALD. In 2022, the performance is part of the New Network project.

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Technical parameters


For playing itself, the ideal space is at least a 3x3 area.
A space with elevation is suitable.

Electricity/ Lights

2x power cabel

5x PAR 500 + propriate light stands

orange light filter for light


The production is ideal for 40 spectators.

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