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We are slowly discovering what Iceland is all about. What a strange smell the warm water has here, how the wind blows and how soon it gets dark. Dark creatures from the sea that climb to the lighthouse only when all the inhabitants of the town are already asleep. The aurora borealis hides behind the clouds, but we all know that this strange entity is out there somewhere. Lonely farms at the foot of the mountains, huge glaciers. Seals. A special light that makes a person feel that every minute here is more unique than anywhere else. We learn to understand and know all this. TakkTakk is a production that we decided to create during our internship stay in Reykjavík.

We are looking forward to the up to 12 spectators, for whom we will play, we will sit at our common table.


Authors: Johana Bártová and Jakub Šulík

Music: Guðmundur Ari Arnalds


Performance length: 30 minutes

Recommended age: 8+

Premiere: 29.11. 2022 Mengi, Reykjavík

Language: Nonverbal with written english texts. Text can be transleted to any language if needed.

TakkTakk seating_ sezeni (1).jpg

Technical parameters


Performance itself is happening on table for 12 spectators and 2 performers who are sitting facing each other on shorter side of table. Table should be approximetely 1.7 m long and wide at least 1 m. We can perform wherever where we can make darkness and silence. So even in kitchen.

Seating for 12 persons.


2 x Socket

Ability to shut the light in current room.

Otherwise we are using our own small lights.

Number of spectators

Performance is ideal for 12 spectators sitting around the table.


For this performance we are using live mixed music from computer. we need output from PC jack + stereo sound system so spectators can have also space sound experience.

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