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The smallest of the Sami

Beyond the arctic circle, where winter and cold reside, the Lapps live. They have their reindeer herds, which they take care of, and when the reindeer have nothing to eat, the shepherds go with them on a journey to find food. One day, even the smallest Sámi embarks on such a journey. He has no idea what awaits him, but he goes headlong into the adventure.

Directed and written by: Johana Bártová

Set design: Jakub Šulík

Music: FRAS

Actors: Matěj Šumbera, Jakub Šulík


Performance length: 35 minutes

Recommended age: 6+

Premiere: 28 January 2019, DAMU, Prague

The production was created with the support of DAMU KALD. In 2020, the performance is part of the New Network project. The association is a part of  DRAMA LABEL.

Language: CZ, EN, DE.

Technical parameters


For playing itself, the ideal space is at least a 3x3 area.

For spectators in the first rows, we recommend providing pillows


2x Power cabel


We perform live mixed music from computer- small jack insert + guitar amp or sound system.


For the performance, we play live mixed music from the computer, so we need an output to a small jack+ combo or a sound system with a mixer.

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